Fanny Maurer

Makeup Artist

Fanny is a vibrant woman enjoying her 32 years. Originally from the northeast of France, she has settled in Paris where she is at the beginning of a promising career. She has been gifted with a talent for anything art-related since childhood. Her passion for music naturally led her to work with various rock bands in Europe and in the USA with whom she toured while taking care of their merchandising. It is during that time that she got to discover the art of tattooing, an extremely common practice in that environment. Years later, she became a reference herself within the tattoo community and posed for the cover of several specialized magazines as well as fashion and beauty magazines. Her work as a model gave her the chance to collaborate with talented members of the fashion industry. Thanks to these photographers, hair-stylists, make-up artists and designers, she took a look behind the scenes and observed the way all these artists dedicated their talents to the image. One of the photographers she modeled for was the first to give her the opportunity to take care of the make-up during one of his photo shoots. It was a revelation to Fanny who had found her true calling : she would be a make-up artist. She finally understood that working in front of the camera was just a transition period and that she belonged backstage, at the heart of the artistic team. 

Fanny is a vegan militant activist that often joins forces with Peta for rescues or campaigns. She is the first vegan fashion makeup artist in the industry. 

She has assisted well-known make-up artists like Régine Bedot, Damian Garozzo, Nina Haverkamp, Carole Lasnier, Carole Colombani, Dick Page, Sammy Mourabit and Pat McGrath… She has also used her talents for celebrities like Christophe Maé, Nicolas Duvauchelle, Noémie Lenoir, Pascal Elbé, Lambert Wilson and Caroline de Maigret, as well as for photographers like Denis Rouvre, Dale May, Satoshi, Jonathan Segade, Yuji Watanabe, Fred Meylan, Laurent Darmon, Tibi Clenci and many more. She has makeup keyed for shows such as Andrea Crews, Sixth June, Icosae in both 2014 and 2015, as well as she keyed for the Chinese designer Fashion show Jiwembe... Fanny has been able to assist reputed make-up artists on fashion shows of Karl Lagerfeld, Boris Bidjan Saberi, Carven, Hermès, Céline, Franck Sorbier, Serkan Cura, Lan Yu, Jaquemus, Azzaro, Acne, Rick Owens, Givenchy... Fanny has numerous projects and can now fully express her creativity and talent. 

"Nothing is inaccessible if you give yourself the proper means!" - she says.

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